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25 years and one day only I am consciously on this earth, yet I barely understand the world and its containing, specially being, human being. Those who appear near are actually far, and those far are near.

I have realised that individuals are here to live as merely ‘individuals’, and not dependent on other objects or subjects. Then a question came into my mind ‘what it is to exist?’ I can see all philosophical theories bias here, how can one be free yet dependent? Well, i believe self-understanding comes first but the self is huge as the world, we try to escape reality by self-understanding. eurm not clear? Saw that confusion? Nothing is clear all is blurred out. Maybe those are changes?
Life is ever flowing, ever moving, ever changing & forever evolving.. Should plant the seed of positivity into the mind, nourish it daily with love & happiness will flower, as fear begins to die.. #help